What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanse kanji* that breaks down as follows:

REI which can mean “Universal” or “Spiritual”, and
KI which means “Energy”.
Combined Reiki is defined as “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Energy”.

Reiki is a wonderful experience. Reiki is a Japanese technique that provides stress relief and relaxation.

It is non-invasive, safe and goes where it is needed. It always works for the recipient’s highest and greatest good.

The Reiki practitioner places his or her hands on or just above the recipient’s body. Energy is drawn through the practitioner and flows from his/her hands to the recipient. The recipient’s body takes the energy that it needs and the energy flows to where the body needs it. This relaxation and release of energy that is stored in a negative way allows the body’s natural healing abilities to kick in.

Reiki can be given in-person or sent via distance. Many people ask if distance Reiki is as effective as in-person Reiki and I can say from personal experience, that yes, it is. I was once scheduled for a medical procedure and I asked someone to send me distance Reiki for the procedure. My appointment was a hour late and I was getting more and more stressed. After I was called in and was preparing for it, I felt an incredible calmness wash over me. One of the nurses at the hospital walked by and asked if I had had the procedure yet. Apparently I looked so calm, she thought I must have been recovering from the sedation. So yes, absolutely it works as well as in-person Reiki.

Many people offer 60 minute Reiki sessions – I find to do a complete session, 75 minutes is best.

What makes my sessions different?

As a Reiki Master I have taken training in Karuna Reiki®. This training is only available to those who have taken Reiki Master Training or Level Three in the William Rand style of Reiki.

There are additional symbols in this style of Reiki which takes your session to another level. There is also a “chanting” or “toning” component to Karuna Reiki® and I will ask you if you are comfortable with this or if you would like a quiet session. The symbols will still do what they do. I will just do the toning or chanting to myself.